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Annual Meet 2015 - Mental Health, Rights and Care

DATE AND VENUE:  It gives us pleasure to announce that the MFC annual meeting will be held at the SM Joshi Socialist Foundation Pune, on the dates 20th (morning) to 22nd (half day) February 2015.

ACCOMMODATION:   54 people on twin sharing basis in the SMJSF @ Rs 600 per room; -dorm for 10 persons @ Rs 100 per person.
-plenty of rooms (25 or so) at Hotel Ashwini.  It is a one minute walk from the SMJSF. The rooms are basic, double sharing for Rs 600. Single occupancy @ Rs 550. Western toilets and TV in each room. There are some AC rooms as well @ Rs 900 per room.

Introductory/Key note/Landscape -- 2-3 papers
Experiential and first person narratives
Community Mental Health Initiatives
Primary Mental Health Care
Survivor and User perspectives
Carer Perspectives
Political economy of mental health
Policy and Law
Discussion on unmodified and modified Electro Convulsive Therapy
The exact sessions will be decided later based on the papers we receive in response to this call for papers.
General notes on papers: Background papers are written specifically for the meet and they will be about 1500 words long.  Writing a background paper does not guarantee the opportunity to present, however it will be carried in the MFC Bulletin issue on Mental Health.  This is to ensure ample time for discussion in the best MFC tradition.  Background reading material (as opposed to 'background papers') consists of material already written, and which can be used to widen and enrich the perspective and understanding of the problem.  Obviously these can’t be limited to 1500 words, but the shorter the better, and the reading is optional).Presentations are few and by selected persons.  The exceptions will be the Survivor perspective papers and the experiential and first person narratives of those who are distressed, where paper writers will be requested to present their views.  In case of personal discomfort, we may read out or show a video of the same.
Papers are due by the 1st January 2015

We will have two presentations by paper writers: 
We will request Bhargavi to write a key note on Mental Health, law and public health.  
We will request Amita Dhanda to write a key note on Mental Health Rights and Law.  
We will need a broad status background paper (no presentation) on mental health in India, the field of play, policy, morbidity, global forces, etc. --  We call upon MFC and MHIndia members members with experience to come forward and contribute to this area.

Background papers:
Basic Needs India -- Mani Kalliath will provide one paper on their experience and insights.
Bapu Trust -- One paper on their experience in Pune and their goals, strategies etc.
Kaaren - to provide a paper on community mental health initiatives in Western Uttar Pradesh.
Gracy - a paper on her work with youth and the mental health problems they face.
Bhopal gas disaster survivor narrative on the issue of mental distress -- Veena agreed to follow up on this.

(Includes clinical extension services; camp based approaches; strengthening of government services; etc.).  
Sunil, Jenny and Kaaren (and other MFC/MHIndia participants working on the ground in Primary Mental Health Care) are invited to present papers on their work and experience in this area for discussion. 
We would invite the participants to bring in papers that focus on the practices of mental health institutions.  These may be discussed analytically from the emerging MFC/MHIndia perspective.

These papers will hopefully be presented by the authors or by people designated by them.
Jayasree Kalathil is requested to write on a topic of her choice in this context.
Prateeksha to be requested for a short paper on autoethnography, and personal experimentation in dealing with mental distress (we hope she comes too, or at least presents a paper, parts of which can be read) – Shubha to assist with this. 
Akhilesh is requested for a paper on aspects of care – Srivats to assist. Possibly mixed media? 
One survivor discourse from Basic Needs Pune – Mani to help with this request.
Anybody else from MFC who can either write a paper or ask someone who has experience to write a paper is requested to contribute.

Paper/s on Global Mental Health Movement; medicalization in general; criticisms and alternates. Possible writers:
KS Jacob -- Srivats will explore
Nannilai -- Kaaren and Srivats will explore possibitities
Pharma -- Mira Shiva will coordinate with others and write a background paper for this.

Screening short documentary clips -- Crazywise, Van Gogh song, Rose interview, may be a video of Prateeksha singing? Our imagination is the limit -- this will be an evening session.

What are the policy initiatives in India with respect to mental health?
A review of the proposed Mental Health Bill -- Coercion, Drugs, ECT; also a  view of the progressive aspects of the bill.  Practicability, etc. A discussion of the recently brought out Mental Health Policy and the Disability Bill with a focus on mental health.
The MFC statement on unmodified ECT.

Papers that bring out the problems and tribulations of those who have to take care of the mentally distressed.
We invite papers in this area based on experience from MFC and MHIndia members.

CONTRIBUTIONS IN UNSPECIFIED AREAS: Contributions in unspecirfied areas of mental health experience that the participants of MFC and MHIndia feel necessary for discussion are welcome.