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Background Papers for Annual Meet 2011

  1.   'MFC Tradition' of organising and conducting its Annual Meets

  2.   Universal Access Healthcare System: The Process so Far

  3.   Towards Universal Access to Health Care: A Concept Note (NEW!)

  4.   Human Faces of Universal Health Care (NEW!)

  5.   Organising the Provisioning for a Universal Healthcare System (NEW!)

  6.   Financing the Universal Access Health Care System (NEW!)

  7.   Contemplating UHC for Nasik (NEW!)

  8.   Universal Health Coverage in Thailand: What Lessons can India Learn? (NEW!)

  9.   Healthcare in China (NEW!)

  10.   Brazil: A System for Universal Access to Healthcare (NEW!)

  11.   Understanding the Canadian, Thai and Brazilian Universal Healthcare Systems: A Focus on Regulation and Lessons for India (NEW!)

  12.   Towards a Fair Effective and Sustainable Health Care System for India (NEW!)

  13.   Chittorgarh Health Action Article (NEW!)

  14.   Increasing the Availability of Medicines in Public Health Facilities (NEW!)

  15.   What it Costs to Provide Medicines to All Sick Persons in India (NEW!)

  16.   Evidence-Based National Vaccine Polcy (NEW!)

  17.   Final Report of the Committee (NEW!)

  18.   Pentavalent and other New Combination Vaccines: Solutions in Search of Problems (NEW!)

  19.   Comments on the DIPP Compulsory Licencing Discussion Paper (NEW!)

  20.   Open Letter to Hon'ble Prime Minister of India (NEW!)

  21.   The Experience of a Low Cost Diagnostic Centre (NEW!)

  22.   UAHC with community participation or people centre stage? (NEW! 3 Jan)

  23.   Conceptualizing UAHC bottoms up (NEW! 3 Jan)

  24.   Per bed cost of a 50 bed community hospital (NEW! 5 Jan)

  25.   Ravi-Ritu debate on provisioning (NEW! 5 Jan)

  26.   Anant's comments on "What it Costs to Provide Medicines to All Sick Persons in India" (NEW! 5 Jan)

  27.   Anant's comments on "UAHC with Community Participation or People Centre-stage" (NEW! 5 Jan)

  28.   The Australian Healthcare System - An Indian's Perspective (NEW! 5 Jan)

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