F. Miscellaneous

    *F1. A Historical Sketch of the Concept of Informal Labour - a conversation
    F2. Chapter Eight: Social Security From Report of the National Commission on Labour
    F3. How Close Does the Apple Fall to the Tree? Some evidence from India on Intergenerational Occupational Mobility Sripad Motiram, Ashish Singh
    F4. Selected Social Security Statistics from Indian Labour Yearbook 2009
    F5. Prioritizing Worker's Health - Communities Health Environment Survey Skillshare (CHESS) 2008
    F6. Bone status of Indian women from a low-income group and its relationship to the nutritional status Veena Shatrugna, Bharati Kulkarni, P. Ajay Kumar K. Usha Rani and N. Balakrishna
    F7. Relationship between women’s occupational work and bone health: a study from India Veena Shatrugna, Bharati Kulkarni, P. Ajay Kumar, N. Balakrishna, K. Usha Rani, G. Chennakrishna Reddy and G. V. Narasimha Rao
    F8. Environmental and Occupational Health Issues in Hospitals Bert Sadleir
    F9. Infection Control: Basic Concepts and Practices – 2nd Edition Chapter 5. Occupational Health Risks for Health Care Workers provided by Dhruv Mankad
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