Background Papers for Annual Meet 2014 

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Papers marked with an asterisk have been written specifically for the 2014 annual 

Concept Note

Social Discrimination in Health E. Premdas Pinto and Manisha Gupte

Framework papers on discrimination and health

Why casteism persists even in the 21st Century? Anant Phadke*
How to understand discrimination? A review of 'Access to health care and patterns of discrimination' - R. Srivatsan*
Why did Satyam die? Mithun Som*
A. Caste, tribe or community
TB in Tribal Community in Uttar Dinajpur (West Bengal) in 2011 Prabir Chatterjee*
Kala Azar outbreak in West Bengal Prabir Chatterjee*
Anatomy of an inhuman form of protest by Bhangis to assert their human dignity against social discrimination  - E. Premdas Pinto and K. B. Obalesha*
Diabetes experience: a pilot study - R Srivatsan and Veena Shatrugna*
Access to health care and patterns of discrimination: A study of dalit children in selected villages of Gujarat and Rajasthan -- Sanghamitra S. Acharya
Report on public hearing at D.J. Halli, Bangalore Dec 2013 sent by Sylvia Karpagam
What Makes a Disease Marginal - Tracing the History of Kalaazar Anand Zachariah and R Srivatsan
Caste and inequalities in health - K S Jacob
Gender and caste based inequality in health outcomes in India Vani Borooah, Nidhi Sadana Sabharwal, Sukhadeo Thorat
Discrimination, Stigma and a Typology of Violence: Some Conceptual Reflections from HIV/AIDS Work - Devaki Nambiar*

Film Review

Love in the time of genocide - C Sathyamala

C. Mental health

Discrimination, mental health and healing practices - Shubha Ranganathan*
An exploratory note on discrimination and ‘race’ in relation to mental health in the West - Anveshi (Hyderabad) and Survivor Research (London)*
Interview with Sushrut Jadhav by Surinder Jhodka (2012)  Seminar May 2012
Dalits' physical and mental health: status, root causes and challenges (2007) A Ramaiah
Caste Stigma and Well Being: (Multicentric Study) - Poster University College of London
Caste on the couch - Report by Siriyavan Anand
Deprivation, discrimination, human rights violation, and mental health of the deprived - (2010, from Indian Journal of Psychiatry) by R.C Jiloha

D. Education, Professionalism, Specialty

Caste Background of Health Professionals in India Ravi Duggal*
Discrimination in health care and the structure of medical knowledge Anand Zachariah*
Reservation in medical education Sanjay Nagral*
Medical Education and Rural India: Reflections of a Recent Graduate - Abhijit Gadewar*
Homeopathy: Successes and Opposition in Odisha Jagannath Chatterjee*
Note on homeopathy's struggle for respectability Dhananjay Kakade*
Addressing an Enduring Loophole in Medical Education: Reflections from JSS Animal Bites Care Program - Yogesh Jain and Parag Bhamare*
Report of the committee to enquire into the allegation of differential treatment of SC/ST students in AIIMS - S. Thorat, K.M. Shyamprasad, R.K. Srivastava
Human Resource Needs of Nurses for Universal Health Coverage by 2020 - Leila Caleb Varkey, Vinod K. Paul, Dilip Mavalankar, Damisetti Thammarao, Srinath Reddy & Priya Balasubramanian


E. Policy, Public Health

Ayush Medical Education: Reflections from History, Policy and the Field -Devaki Nambiar & Venkatesh V. Narayan
Training and Education of Health Care Professionals: Indianization of Allopathic Medicine - S. V. Nadkarni*
Invisibility of Caste in Nutrition Perspective-- Veena Shatrugna*
Castewise Health Data -- Ravi Duggal*
A Snapshot of The Health and Nutrition of the Ageing / Elderly Poor - Public Health Resource Netword - Pension Parishad
Food security of the homeless in Delhi: an abstract - Public Health Resource Network
Barriers and potential facilitating factors for accessing health care amongst street dwellers in India - V Prasad