MFC History

The year 2013 is the 40th anniversary year of Medico Friend Circle and is being celebrated in February 2014 at New Delhi, (see the link on the home page for details). It is an organization which has operated for forty years as a 'thought current' without allegiance to a specific ideology. Its only commitment has been to intervene in and understand the debates, policies and practices of health in Independent India. Such an organization would doubtless have as many different narratives of history as it has perspectives through its life. In such a situation, rather than provide a single narrative that would represent the authentic history of the organization, it is better to choose two or three (if not more) essays that provide different views of the organization and its life. It is in this spirit that MFC has embarked on an ambitious history and archive project that provides many detailed facets of the organization's history of interventions, analyses, successes and failures. The links below lead to some of the early essays written as part of this larger exercise. We hope you enjoy reading them and welcome your comments, which you may address to the convenor of the organization.

MFC: Looking Back, Looking Ahead; Some Reflections - Anant Phadke

Medico Friends Circle: Anecdotes from a Journey of 35 years (1977-2012) - Ravi Narayan

MFC Reminiscences: Thirty Years of Health Dialogues - Ravi Duggal
MFC Bulletin -- April-May 1984:  Articles by Ashvin Patel, Anant Phadke and Ravi & Thelma Narayan