2000 Jan-Feb. 268-269 Health of Women Workers in the Beedi Industry Meena Gopal Problems Report

2000 Jan-Feb. 268-269 The "Virus" Of Communalism: What Will Be Our Response? Ravi Narayan

2000 Jan-Feb. 268-269 Can Human Tuberculosis be Controlled in India Without Control of TB in Domestic Animals? Ashok Kale, Shailesh Deshpande, S.V. Gore.

2000 Jan-Feb. 268-269 Implications of the Insurance Regulatory and Development Authority Act for Health Insurance A case of putting the cart before the horse V. R. Muraleedharan

2000 Mar-June 270-71-72-273 The Law and Right to Health Care in India Amar Jesani

2000 Mar-June 270-71-72-273 Save Public Health Care Campaign

2000 Mar-June 270-71-72-273 Dialogue Malaria in Madhya Pradesh

2000 Mar-June 270-71-72-273 Report of the MFC Annual Meet on "New Challenges for Health in the Year 2000" Madhukar
2000 Jul-Aug 274-275 The Responsibility to Do and the Responsibility to Know

2000 Jul-Aug 274-275 Achieving Right To Health Care: Experiences of Some Developed Countries Amar Jesani

2000 Jul-Aug 274-275 Inclusion of Hepatitis-B Vaccination in the Expanded Programme of Immunisation without a Thorough Scientific Debate

2000 Jul-Aug 274-275 Save Public Health Care Campaign J.B. D'Souza
2000 Jul-Aug 274-275 Report of the MFC Mid-Annual Meet S. Sridhar
2000 Jul-Aug 274-275 Inclusion of Hepatitis-B Vaccination in the Expanded Programme of Immunisation without a Thorough Scientific Debate

2000 Jul-Aug 274-275 Doctor's Suicide Strikes at Heart of Argentina's Health Care Crisis Anthony Faiola
2000 Sept-Oct 276-277 Towards universal health insurance: a rural perspective Shyam Ashtekar

2000 Sept-Oct 276-277 Extending Health Insurance to the Poor  Anil Gumber

2000 Sept-Oct 276-277 Ethical guidelines in social science research - A Small Step Tejal Barai

2000 Sept-Oct 276-277 Universal Access to Health Care through Social Insurance  Neha Madhiwalla
2000 Nov-Dec. 278-279 Can Health Care Insurance Ensure Right to Health for All?  Amar Jesani
2000 Nov-Dec. 278-279 Two Community-Based Pre-Payment Schemes in Kheda, Gujarat M. Kent Ranson

2000 Nov-Dec. 278-279 Reforming Health Policy For Universal Health Care Ravi Duggal

2000 Nov-Dec. 278-279 Community Insurance - Which Way to Go? Wisdom out of the Experiential Learning from SEVAGRAM Ulhas Jajoo

2001 Jan-Feb 280-281 Redirecting the Health Movement  Meena Gopal
2001 Jan-Feb 280-281 Net En: Reflections on the History of the Struggle Against Injectible Contraceptives Vineeta Bal, Laxmi Murthy and Vani Subramanian
2001 Jan-Feb 280-281 Report on the National Health Assembly, Kolkata, and the People's Health Assembly, Dhaka  S. Sridhar

2001 Jan-Feb 280-281 People's Health Charter

2001 Mar-April 282-283 Report of the MFC Theme Meet:  Renu Khanna with input from Amita Pagre
2001 Mar-April 282-283 Proceedings of the Campaign against Injectibles AIDWA. Sama, Jagori, Saheli, JWP, CSMCH (JNU), DSF. Forces, Nirantar, CWDS
2001 May-June 284-285 The Gujarat earthquake: some reflections after being involved in quake relief S. Srinivasan
2001 May-June 284-285 The Gujarat Earthquake: Lessons from the first days Nobhojit Roy, S. Sridhar
2001 May-June 284-285 Caste-Class Dynamics in Relief Work  Amulya Nidhi
2001 May-June 284-285 Aftershocks of the Gujarat earthquake: experiences of the Smt. N.H.L.M.M.C Health Forum Tapasvi Puwar
2001 July-Aug. 286-87-88-89 Special Issue on Population  Mohan Rao
2001 July-Aug. 286-87-88-89 A Summary of the National Population Policy and the State Population Policies of UP, MP, Rajasthan, Maharashtra, and A. Pradesh Leela Sami

2001 July-Aug. 286-87-88-89 Anti-People State Population Policies Mohan Rao
2001 July-Aug. 286-87-88-89 Safegaurding Women's Health and Rights; Advocacy in Uttar Pradesh on the Population Policy 2000 Jashodhara Dasgupta

2001 July-Aug. 286-87-88-89 On Gujarat's Population Policy

2001 July-Aug. 286-87-88-89 Women's Perspective on Population Policies; Feminist Critique of Population Policies; Population Policy Statement for Gujarat  Renu Khanna
2001 July-Aug. 286-87-88-89 WOHTRAC's Perspectives on the Two Child Norm

2001 July-Aug. 286-87-88-89 Andhra Pradesh Population Policy - A Note  Sheela Prasad and Veena Shatrughna
2001 July-Aug. 286-87-88-89 Maharashtra's coercive population policy  Chayanika
2001 July-Aug. 286-87-88-89 Report of the Mid Annual Meeting of Medico Friend Circle at Sewagram

2001 Sept-Oct 288-289 Body Weights - Role of Nutrition Veena Shatrugna ` Discussion
2001 Sept-Oct 288-289 Calorie Intake Patterns of Rural Indian Households: Brinda Vishwanathan and J.V. Meenakshi

2001 Sept-Oct 288-289 Biodiversity: the basis of nutritional adequacy and food security Vanaja Ramprasad

2001 Sept-Oct 288-289 The politics of food: keeping the other half hungry Devinder Sharma
2001 Sept-Oct 288-289 Level of Malnutrition and Gender Difference in the prevalence of malnutrition among ICDS Anganwadi beneficiaries; Working Paper Dr. Prakash V. Kotecha, Dr. Kailesh Bhalani and Dr. Samir J. Shah

2001 Sept-Oct 288-289 Millions in India starving amid bumper harvests Ranjit Devraj

2001 Nov-Dec. 290-291 Body Weights - Role of Nutrition  Veena Shatrugna

2001 Nov-Dec. 290-291 Calorie Intake Patterns of Rural Indian Households: Evidence from National Sample Survey Data Brinda Vishwanathan and J.V. Meenakshi

2001 Nov-Dec. 290-291 Biodiversity: the basis of nutritional adequacy and food security Vanaja Ram Prasad

2001 Nov-Dec. 290-291 The politics of food: keeping the other half hungry Devinder Sharma
2001 Nov-Dec. 290-291 Level of Malnutrition and Gender Difference in the prevalence of malnutrition among ICDS Anganwadi Dr. Prakash V. Kotecha, Dr. Kailesh Bhalani and Dr. Samir J. Shah
2001 Nov-Dec. 290-291 Millions in India starving amid bumper harvests  Ranjit Devraj
2002 Jan-Feb. 292-293 How Gender Sensitive is the National Nutritional Policy of India? - A View Of The Policy Through The Gender Lens Shubhada Kanani

2002 Jan-Feb. 292-293 Effective Nutrition Education And Communication; Issues and Challenges In Government Health Systems Dr. Shubhada Kanani
2002 Jan-Feb. 292-293 What about the Health of the PreTeens Girl Vacha Team
2002 Jan-Feb. 292-293 Food Security through Public Distribution System Veena Shatrugna
2002 Mar-April 294-295 Missing issues

2002 Mar-April 294-295 Missing issues

2002 Mar-April 294-295 Missing issues

2002 Mar-April 294-295 Missing issues

2002 Mar-April 294-295 Missing issues

2002 May-June 296-297 Editorial Neha Madhiwalla
2002 May-June 296-297 Seventy Six Recommendations of the British Medical Association's Steering Group on the Medical  Source - the last Chapter in: The British Medical Association (BMA)

2002 May-June 296-297 Violence in Vadodara: A Report Shanti Abhiyan
2002 May-June 296-297 (For Information and Discussion Only -Strictly not to be Quoted) Dual Loyalty Amar Jesani
2002 July-Aug. 298-299 Of Human Beings: Living, Dead and Living Dead S. Srinivasan
2002 July-Aug. 298-299 Communalism and the Medical Profession in India: Beyond the Ethical Challenge Sanjay Nagral

2002 July-Aug. 298-299 Health Professionals in times of Conflict and Peace Nobhojit Roy
2002 July-Aug. 298-299 CARNAGE IN GUJARAT: A Public Health Crisis

2002 Sept-Oct 300-301 Mass Violence in Non-Combat Situations: Caste and Communal Violence in Tamil Nadu - Health Problems, Role of Medical Profession and Human Rights V. Suresh
2002 Sept-Oct 300-301 Impact of Communal Riots on Children H. S. Dhavale, Leena Damani, Jhanavi Kedare, Shanu Jethani
2002 Sept-Oct 300-301 Response of Doctors to Communal Conflict Ali Asghar
2002 Sept-Oct 300-301 Violence to the Psyche: Costs of Surviving Violence in Kashmir Kishwar Ahmed-Shirali
2002 Nov-Dec. 302-303 Communal Politics: A Threat to Democracy Ram Puniyani
2002 Nov-Dec. 302-303 Role of Medical and Health Personnel in a Conflict Situation: Some Thoughts on the Sri Lankan Experience Suneela Abhayashekhara
2002 Nov-Dec. 302-303 Condolence Meeting for Demographer Malini Karkal
2004 April-May 304 Public Health Care System: Threats and Options C. Sathyamala
2004 April-May 304 The Dismantling of Public Health System in India Anant Phadke
2004 April-May 304 Unbanked Directed Blood Transfusion R.R. Tongaonkar,
2004 April-May 304 Report of the Medico Friend Circle (Annual Meet 2003)

2004 April-May 304 Drug Pricing Case JNU
2004 June-July 305 Drug Pricing Control: Principles, Problems and Prospects Chandra Gulhati
2004 June-July 305 Immunisation Paradox? Rajan Patil

2004 June-July 305 Anomalies in Drug Pricing Anurag Bhargava
2004 June-July 305 Exlcusive Marketing Rights in India: A Brief Note Amit Sen Gupta
2004 Aug-Sep. 306 Exploring 'Rights-based Approach' for Renewal of Public Health Abhay Shukla
2004 Aug-Sep. 306 Management of Severe Scorpion Sting without use of Scorpion Anti-Venom H.S. Bawaskar
2004 Aug-Sep. 306 Who Should India Emulate in Health Care- United State or Cuba? Dr. Padma Balasubramanian
2004 Aug-Sep. 306 Emperiences of the People at Public  and Private Medical Care,  Francis Adaikalam
2004 Aug-Sep. 306 A Preceptive First Hand Account of the Chinese Health Care System Anand Phadke
2004 Oct-Nov. 307 Negotiating Reproductive Health Neads in a Conflict Situation: A Case Zamrooda Khandy
2004 Oct-Nov. 307 Involving Men as Allies in Violence Against Women: Are we Pursuing Poonam Kathuria
2004 Oct-Nov. 307 Development of Patients' Charter of Rights and Responsibility for the Public Health Dept.: Anagha Pradhan
2004 Oct-Nov. 307 Death to Life: Post-Death Counseling the Key Suresh Guptan
2004-2005 Dec-Jan. 308 Population Polices, Development and Well-being Abhijit Das
2004-2005 Dec-Jan. 308 Patents, Intellectual Property Rights, Unjust Trade and Public Health Mira Shiva
2004-2005 Dec-Jan. 308 The Rights Based Framework: Which Way To Go? Anant Phadke
2004-2005 Dec-Jan. 308 Legal Position On Right to Health Care

2004-2005 Dec-Jan. 308 Core Content fo the Right to Health Care

2004-2005 Dec-Jan. 308 Health Care as a Right: Recent Struggles of US Workers Padma Balasubramanian
2004-2005 Dec-Jan. 308 Why Women's Groups Oppose Injectables

Press Release
2005 Feb-Mar. 309 Constitution Violated: Patents (Amendment) Ordinance, 2004 and Patents (Amendment) Rules, 2005 Narendra B. Zaveri

2005 Feb-Mar. 309 Ordinance and After: Issues in Focus B. K. Keayla
2005 Feb-Mar. 309 Patents Ordinance: Ensuring Corporate Control, Neglecting Public Health Care Mira Shiva
2005 Feb-Mar. 309 Tsunami: Some Health Considerations C. Sathyamala
2005 Feb-Mar. 309 Why the IMS Act Needs to Stay Radha Holla Bhar
2005 Feb-Mar. 309 A Gender and Rights Approach to Breastfeeding Promotion Lakshmi Menon and Radha Holla
2005 Feb-Mar. 309 "On the Take": déjà vu in America Anant Bhan
2005 Feb-Mar. 309 About Bayer's Nazi-Past

2005 April-May 310 CHW: Survivals and Revivals Shyam Ashtekar
2005 April-May 310 National Rural Health Mission: Comments JSA NCC

2005 April-May 310 Public Hearings for the Right to Health: An Analysis of Different Approaches Abhijit Das
2005 April-May 310 Women's Narratives from Kashmir Zamrooda Khandey
2005 April-May 310 Adivasis Speak out for Implementation of Supreme Court Orders Anand
2005 June-July 311 How the Two-Child Norm in Himachal was Withdrawn Subhash Mendhapurkar
2005 June-July 311 Withdraw the Ban on People with More than Two-Children 

2005 June-July 311  Memorandum on Polio Eradication Initiative in India

2005 June-July 311 Advocacy for Post-Infancy Immunization Policy Rajan R. Patil
2005 June-July 311 The Myth of the Mitanin Binayak Sen
2005 June-July 311 Right to Helath Action by Mitanims in Koriya District Sulakshana Nadi

2005 Aug-Sep. 312 Good Practices of the "Good Practice Study"! Dhruv Mankad
2005 Aug-Sep. 312 Distanding the CGHS

2005 Aug-Sep. 312 Involving Self-Help Groups in Reproductive Health Rajani Ved
2005 Aug-Sep. 312 Women's Narratives from Kashmir-3 Zamrooda Khandey
2005 Aug-Sep. 312 Quality and Costs of Health Care Ritu Priya
2005 Aug-Sep. 312 Blisterning Indictment of Pharamaceutical Companies Padma Balasubramanian
2005 Aug-Sep. 312 The 10 Worst Corporations of 2004 Russell Mokhiber and Weissman
205-206 Oct-Jan. 313-314 Why we do not need to give Hepatitis B Vaccine for all newborns

205-206 Oct-Jan. 313-314 Cost and Quality Issue in Hospital Care Anant Phadke
205-206 Oct-Jan. 313-314 Local Production of Oseltamivir (Tamiflu): Options DG Shah
205-206 Oct-Jan. 313-314 Creation Myths Douglas Clement
205-206 Oct-Jan. 313-314 Drag Pricing Task Force Report: Executive  Summary

205-206 Oct-Jan. 313-314 Prolonging Death: Capitalism and Old Age T. Vijayendra
205-206 Oct-Jan. 313-314 Minutes of MFC Mid-Annual Meet

205-206 Oct-Jan. 313-314 Alice Thorner: A Personal Tribute Sujata Patel
205-206 Oct-Jan. 313-314 Iodised Salt: An e-form Exchange (Separate Supplement)

205-206 Oct-Jan. 313-314 The Science & Pilitics of Iodised Salt Ritu Priya & Imrana Qudeer
Article The Hindu
2006 Feb-Mar. 315 Issues of Concern in the Control and Treatment of Leprosy Jan Swasthya Sahayog
2006 Feb-Mar. 315 How to Count the Poor Correctly versus Illogical Official Procedures Utsa Patnaik

2006 Feb-Mar. 315 Cost and Quality Considerations in Secondary and Tertiary Health Care Debabar Banerji
2006 Feb-Mar. 315 Misplaced Faith? Arti Sawhny

2006 Feb-Mar. 315 Hunger and Health: An Interdisciplinary Dialogue: Joint Statement from a Workshop

2006 April-July 316-317 Impressions from a Rural Laboratory Jan Swasthya Sahayog
2006 April-July 316-317 Surgical Care for Rural India - A Perspective George Mathew
2006 April-July 316-317 Excessive Use of Screening and Diagnostic Tests Anant Phadke
2006 April-July 316-317 Are Glass Syringes Inferior? Jan Swasthya Sahayog

2006 April-July 316-317 The Quality and Cost of Health Care: Some Notes on the Context  Binayak Sen
2006 April-July 316-317 Goal of Universal Access Sara Bhattacharji

2006 April-July 316-317 Cost Containment in Trauma Care Services Jacob John
2006 April-July 316-317 What can we learn from the AIDS Momement Anand Zachariah
2006 April-July 316-317 Quality of Medical Care: Public versus Private Alpana Sagar
2006 April-July 316-317 Some Strategies to Cut Health Care Costs Vinod Shah
2006 April-July 316-317 Medical Facilities and Health Needs on Wheels: Still Unviable? Dr. N. Kannan

2006 April-July 316-317 Rational Drug Therapy: Principles, Realties and Road Ahead Sujith J Chandy
2006 April-July 316-317 Quality of Care: The Ayurvedic Perspective P. Ram Manohar

2006 April-July 316-317 Quality Assurance in the National Rural Health Mission (NRHM): Provisions and Bebates Rajib Dasgupta

2006 April-July 316-317 Financing the NRHM Ravi Duggal

2006 April-July 316-317 Declaration of Women Healers and CHWs

2006 April-July 316-317 Terrorism, Pfizer Style James Love
2006 April-July 316-317 Vadodara: The Context of the Dargah Demolition

2006 Aug-Nov. 318-319 Data Exclusivity: Another Self-Goal and a Trade Barrier S. Srinivasan
2006 Aug-Nov. 318-319 Medico Friend Circle Letter to PM on DE MFC
2006 Aug-Nov. 318-319 De in International Trade Agreements

2006 Aug-Nov. 318-319 IDMA on DP and DE

2006 Aug-Nov. 318-319 Safeguards if Decision by Govt to Introduce DE

2006 Aug-Nov. 318-319 On "Unfair Commerical Use"

2006 Aug-Nov. 318-319 Ricardo and "Free Trade" Utsa Patnaik

2006 Aug-Nov. 318-319 Medico Friend Circle Letter to PM on Drug Pricing

2006 Aug-Nov. 318-319 Minutes of the 32nd Annual Meet

2006 Aug-Nov. 318-319 Minutes of the 31st GBM of MFC

2006 Aug-Nov. 318-319 Conuting the Gains: Stakeholders' Consultation on One Year of NRHM Abhijit Das

2006 Aug-Nov. 318-319 Coalition for Maternal-Neonatal Health and Safe Abortion

2006-2007 Dec-Mar. 320-321 Public Health Education in India Ritu Priya
2006-2007 Dec-Mar. 320-321 Public Health Education in India - Some Reflections  Ravi and Thelma Narayan
2006-2007 Dec-Mar. 320-321 A Few Additional Issues for Discussion at the MFC Meet Anant Phadke
2006-2007 Dec-Mar. 320-321 Education of Public Health Workers Debabar Banerji
2006-2007 Dec-Mar. 320-321 Singur: "Truth cannot be subverted with power"

2006-2007 Dec-Mar. 320-321 Training of Primary and Paramedic Workers and Public Health Shyam Ashtekar & Dhruv Mankad
2006-2007 Dec-Mar. 320-321 Capacity Building for Public Health in the Asia Pacific Region Thelma Narayan
2006-2007 Dec-Mar. 320-321 Accreditation Guidelines for Educational/Training Institutions and Programmes in Public Health

2006-2007 Dec-Mar. 320-321 Redefining Public Health? C. Sathyamala

2006-2007 Dec-Mar. 320-321 Unmet National Health Needs K Srinath Reddy, Kavita Sivaramakrishnan
2006-2007 Dec-Mar. 320-321 Whither Public Health Imrana Qadeer
2006-2007 Dec-Mar. 320-321 Public Health Foundation of India  Abhay Shukla
2006-2007 Dec-Mar. 320-321 Public Health in Private Hands?  Mohan Rao, K.R. Nayar
2006-2007 Dec-Mar. 320-321 Applying Yesterday's Standards Today Cristina Odone, 
2006-2007 Dec-Mar. 320-321 Public Health Needs a Boost-Not Bickering K.S. Reddy
2006-2007 Dec-Mar. 320-321 The EPA Closes Its Libraries, Destroys Documents

2007 April-May 322 Mashelkar's Folly: A Critique of the Technical Expert Group Report on Patent Law Issues Gopa Kumar

2007 April-May 322 Statement by Scientific and Public Interest Groups

2007 April-May 322 The Glivec Story: Some Key Dates

2007 April-May 322 Q&A on Patents in India and the Novartis Case

2007 April-May 322 Gleevec Updates

2007 April-May 322 Letter to Novartis Counsel Shanti Bhushan from AIDAN

2007 April-May 322 ARTs: Implications on Women's Lives Sama Resource Group

2007 April-May 322 Will India Learn Ever from Thailand?

2007 June-Sept 323-324 World Bank and India’s Health Sector T.K. Sundari Ravindran

2007 June-Sept 323-324 The Independent People’s Tribunal on the World Bank Group in India

2007 June-Sept 323-324 This is Not a Story about Binayak Sen Subhash Gatade

2007 June-Sept 323-324 Free Dr. Binayak Sen, Immediately!

2007 June-Sept 323-324 Novartis Loses Case but Battle is on1

2007 June-Sept 323-324 For More Reliable and Relevant Research on Treatments S. Srinivasan

2007 June-Sept 323-324 The Indian Experience of PSM Departments and the Teaching of Public Health Dr. N.S. Deodhar

2007 June-Sept 323-324 Overcoming the HealthCare Crisis: Bold Reforms in Medical Education and Health Service Systems Ritu Priya

2007 June-Sept 323-324 Critical Public Health: Operationalising a Vision K R Nayar and Ritu Priya

2007 June-Sept 323-324 Can Public Health open up to the AYUSH Systems... and give space for People’s Views of Health and Disease? Mira Sadgopal and Alpana Sagar

2007 June-Sept 323-324 State Institutes of Health & Family Welfare and Growth of Public Health in India Shiv Chandra Mathur

2007 June-Sept 323-324 Public Health Education Needs as Seen from Grassroots Narendra Gupta

2007 June-Sept 323-324 N.H. Antia 1922-2007 Padma Prakash

2007-2008 Oct-Jan 325-326 NACP-III: A Socio-Political ‘Hot Potato’ That India Will Rue Baking Rami Chhabra

2007-2008 Oct-Jan 325-326 20 million or 2 million? M Prasanna Kumar

2007-2008 Oct-Jan 325-326 Sen, Sense and Nonsense :On the difficulties of being Amartya Sen in a time like ours Aseem Shrivastava

2007-2008 Oct-Jan 325-326 Amartya Sen: The Master as Apologist Dipanjan Raichaudhuri

2007-2008 Oct-Jan 325-326 Who is Afraid of Global Warming? Global Warming, Capitalism and the Road to a Saner Society T. Vijayendra

2007-2008 Oct-Jan 325-326 Dr. Alpana Daya Sagar Mohan Rao
2007-2008 Oct-Jan 325-326 A Mother’s Appeal

2007-2008 Oct-Jan 325-326 Three Ironies, and an Appeal to Journalists

2007-2008 Oct-Jan 325-326 A Medical Student’s Journey towards Working for Health and Social Justice Lalit Narayan

2008 Feb-Mar 327-328 Binayak Sen: Twelve Months in Jail S.Srinivasan

2008 Feb-Mar 327-328 The shishya who went on to become my guru P Zachariah

2008 Feb-Mar 327-328 PUCL Challenges the Vires of the Chhattisgarh Black Law in the Supreme Court Rajendra K Sail

2008 Feb-Mar 327-328 Chhattisgarh has Highest Rate of Farmers’ Suicide: But the Figures are Fudged! Shubhranshu Choudhary

2008 Feb-Mar 327-328 So-called Anti-Terrorist Laws are Tools of State Terrorism Rohit Prajapati

2008 Feb-Mar 327-328 Preliminary Comments on the Chhattisgarh Special Public Security Act 2005

2008 Feb-Mar 327-328 People Call Upon GAIN to Leave India and Government of India to Regulate PPPs

2008 Feb-Mar 327-328 People Begin ‘Occupation’ and Direct Monitoring of CHC Pati, Barwani

2008 Feb-Mar 327-328 Dr. P.K. Sethi: 1927-2008 M.R. Rajagopalan

2008 Feb-Mar 327-328 The Doctor in the 21st Century P.K. Sethi

2008 Feb-Mar 327-328 Baba Amte: Restless and Romantic Ravindra R P

2008 Feb-Mar 327-328 Remembering Deepti Chirmulay-Paranjape

2008 June-July 329 Vaccine PSUs: Chronicle of an Attenuation Willfully Caused Y.Madhavi

2008 June-July 329 Summary of the 10 year review meeting of the WHO project to strengthen vaccine regulatory capacity in countries

2008 June-July 329 Ghost Authorship and Ghostwriting in Publications Related to Rofecoxib

2008 June-July 329 Pharma Ghost Writers

2008 June-July 329 Selective Publication of Antidepressant Trials: A Third of the Truth?

2008 June-July 329 Efficacy of Antidepressants Erick H Turner, Robert Rosenthal

2008 June-July 329 Patrick Geddes: People’s Architect

2008 June-July 329 CRPF Men Gun Down Child, Woman in Chhattisgarh Camp

2008 June-July 329 MFC and Others Implead in Madras HC for Vacating Stay

2008 Aug-Sept 330 “We have Planted a Sapling of a Banyan Tree”: Dr. Ashok Vaidya in conversation with Ravindra. R. P.*

2008 Aug-Sept 330 Commercialisation of Surrogacy in the Indian Context N.B.Sarojini, Aastha, Preeti, Anjali and Deepa

2008 Aug-Sept 330 The Hunger Bazaar : Ethical Issues in Public Private Partnerships in Nutrition and Conflict of Interest Radha Holla and Lakshmi Menon

2008 Aug-Sept 330 Urban Initiatives for a Fossil Fuel Free Society T. Vijayendra

2008 Aug-Sept 330 Concept Note about Debate on Infection Control Dr. Pankaj Shah, Dr. Rajesh Patel, Dr. Uday Gajiwala & team.

2008 Aug-Sept 330 Dharampal, 1924-2006 - A Homage M.R. Rajagopalan

2008 Aug-Sept 330 Guardian of Our Secret Hometowns

2008 Aug-Sept 330 Testing Untested Foreign Drugs on Indian Patients: Sky to be the Limit

2008-2009 Oct-Jan 331-332 Social Determinants of Women’s Mental Health: A Narrative from Gujarat Renu Khanna, Shagufa Kapadia and Swati Joshi

2008-2009 Oct-Jan 331-332 Campaign against Net En - A Brief Update Sama Team

2008-2009 Oct-Jan 331-332 How Should India Approach the Management of Severe Acute Malnutrition?

2008-2009 Oct-Jan 331-332 PIL on Closure of Vaccine Institutes

2008-2009 Oct-Jan 331-332 Gujarat Public Health Act 2009

2008-2009 Oct-Jan 331-332 A Surgery without a Surgery: A Case of Exploring All Options Prabodh Malhotra

2008-2009 Oct-Jan 331-332 Masanobu Fukuoka (1913-2008) M.R. Rajagopalan

2008-2009 Oct-Jan 331-332 Dr Wishvas Rane (1930-2008)

2008-2009 Oct-Jan 331-332 Attempts of WHO to Mainstream TRIPS-Plus IP Enforcement Measures and on the International Medical Products Anti-Counterfeiting Taskforce (IMPACT)

2008-2009 Oct-Jan 331-332 WHO drops resolution on counterfeit drugs, major victory to generic drug makers

2008-2009 Oct-Jan 331-332 Fake Drugs in India: Points to Ponder Dr. Chandra M. Gulhati

2009 Feb-May 333-334 Flood- and Erosion-led Displacement in Dhemaji and Dhakuwakhana (Lakhimpur): Concerns over Health Entitlements of the People

2009 Feb-May 333-334 We’ll not Give up Even One Inch of Land! Dayamani Barla

2009 Feb-May 333-334 Gravest Displacement.... Bravest Resistance- Part I Sudha Bhardwaj

2009 Feb-May 333-334 Breach of Land Laws in Jharkhand Gladson Dungdung

2009 Feb-May 333-334 The Art of not Writing Shubhranshu Choudhary

2009 Feb-May 333-334 Peak Oil and Reverse Migration in India T. Vijayendra

2009 Feb-May 333-334 Literature Review on Forced Displacement and Health Dhruv Mankad

2009 Feb-May 333-334 Barrio Adentro as Seen from the Perspective of a U.S.Health Professional Padma Balasubramanian

2009 Feb-May 333-334 Visiting Walong Dhruv Mankad

2009 Feb-May 333-334 Hearing at the Raipur Sessions Court Mira Sadgopal

2009 Feb-May 333-334 Krishna Iyer’s Plea on Behalf of Binayak Sen

2009 Feb-May 333-334 Dr. Wishvas Rane on ‘Death’ Anant Phadke

2009 Feb-May 333-334 Half of Vibrant Gujarat Goes to Sleep Empty Stomach1 Gaurav Sharma

2009 Feb-May 333-334 WHO to Blame for Dangerous Child Vaccine? Dr. Jacob M Puliyel

2009 Feb-May 333-334 A Medical Satyam Scam: Anesthesiologist Faked Data in 21 Studies Atleast Brendan Borrell

2009 Feb-May 333-334 Health Sector in Gujarat: What is the Policy Thrust?

2009 Feb-May 333-334 Second Common Review Mission, Nov-Dec 2008

2009 Jun-Sept 335-336 Health System Challenges and Elements for the Further Right to Health Campaign Abhay Shukla

2009 Jun-Sept 335-336 The Myth of Regulation: A Critique of the 2008 Draft ART (Regulation) Bill and Rules Sama - Resource Group for Women and Health

2009 Jun-Sept 335-336 Locally Relevant, Affordable Diagnostics in a Close to Patient Context: Changing the Equation in the Developing Nation Context Anand Sivaraman

2009 Jun-Sept 335-336 The Gravest Displacement of Our Time – Part 2 Sudha Bharadwaj

2009 Jun-Sept 335-336 Note on Consultation on Falciparum Malaria Control Held at Jan Swasthya Sahyog, Ganiyari, February 20091

2009 Jun-Sept 335-336 How Bill Gates Blew $258 million in India’s HIV Corridor

2009 Jun-Sept 335-336 $258 Million for Condoms?

2009 Jun-Sept 335-336 WHO’s Wrong Advice on Pneumococcal Vaccine Vaccine

2009 Jun-Sept 335-336 Dr. C.M. Francis Dr. Ravi D’Souza
2009 Jun-Sept 335-336 Armchair (re)Views Dhruv Mankad

2009 Jun-Sept 335-336 Medico Friend Circle Statement

2009 Jun-Sept 335-336 Medico Friend Circle Annual Meeting 2009: Minutes

2009-2010 Oct-Jan 337-338 Moving Towards Universal Access to Health Care:Gaps and Barriers in Existing Health System Anant Phadke, Rakhal Gaitonde, Abhay Shukla

2009-2010 Oct-Jan 337-338 "Protection and Utilisation of Public Funded Intellectual Property Bill:A Wrong Prescription for Public Sector R&D " K.M. Gopa Kumar

2009-2010 Oct-Jan 337-338 Willing Participants and Tolerant Profession: Medical Ethics and Human Rights in Narco-analysis Amar Jesani

2009-2010 Oct-Jan 337-338 What’s Wrong With CSI: Forensic Evidence Doesn’t Always Tell the Truth Roger Koppl

2009-2010 Oct-Jan 337-338 An Epistemologist in the Bramble-Bush:At the Supreme Court with Mr. Joiner Susan Haack

2009-2010 Oct-Jan 337-338 On Evidence, Medical and Legal Donald W. Miller,Clifford G. Miller

2009-2010 Oct-Jan 337-338 Too Good to Be True - but True :Retail Sale of Generic Drugs at Low Prices by the Govt in Chittorgarh Dt S.Srinivasan

2009-2010 Oct-Jan 337-338 Minutes of Meeting of the Mid-Annual Meet of mfc, July 10-11, 2009, Pune

2009-2010 Oct-Jan 337-338 Merck Published Fake Journal

2009-2010 Oct-Jan 337-338 Letter on HPV Vaccine

2010 Feb - Mar 339 Violating the Law, yet Thriving : Study of Private Hospitals in Maharashtra Padma Deosthali and Dr Ritu Khatri

2010 Feb - Mar 339 Perspective Paper on Health Financing Ravi Duggal

2010 Feb - Mar 339 Community Monitoring in NRHM: Improving Public Accountability of the Health System S.Ramanathan, Renu Khanna and Rajani Ved

2010 Feb - Mar 339 India’s Health Providers - Diverse Frontiers, Disparate Fortunes Kabir Sheikh and Asha George

2010 Feb - Mar 339 Making the Case for Community Health Insurance Denny John

2010 Feb - Mar 339 Questions for Discussion : I. Financial Barriers to ‘Health Care for All’ Anant Phadke

2010 Feb - Mar 339 Questions for Discussion : II. Questions and Points on Healthcare Provisioning Abhay Shukla

2010 Feb - Mar 339 "Questions for Discussion : Questions on Governance and Accountability" Rakhal Gaitonde

2010 Apr - July 340-341 Survivors of the Bhopal Gas Disaster : Twenty five years after Vinod Raina

2010 Apr - July 340-341 Letter to President Obama Abdul Jabbar and Vinod Raina
2010 Apr - July 340-341 Bhopal was Inevitable Dhruv Mankad
2010 Apr - July 340-341 Bhopal Gas Victims Used as Guinea Pigs

2010 Apr - July 340-341 Causes of Bhopal Disaster Analyzed Davis Smith

2010 Apr - July 340-341 Nariman, pay your dues to Bhopal before memory fades Bharat Desai

2010 Apr - July 340-341 Bhopal Misses Recompense Law : Wanted, a law to let in "ambulance chasers" Samanwaya Rautray

2010 Apr - July 340-341 Bhopal Survivors' Letter to GOM

2010 Apr - July 340-341 Press Statement from Bhopal Survivors on GOM Recommendations

2010 Apr - July 340-341 Bhopal and the U.S. Courts : Catastrophe and the Dilemma of Law H. Rajan Sharma

2010 Apr - July 340-341 Clouds of Injustice Bhopal Disaster 20 Years on : An Amnesty International Report ASA 20/015/2004

2010 Apr - July 340-341 Opinion of Arun Jaitley

2010 Apr - July 340-341 Opinion of Abhishek Singhvi

2010 Apr - July 340-341 Letter from Dow Chemicals to Govt. of India

2010 Apr - July 340-341 Addictive Policies of the Maharashtra Government : Alcohol at the Expense of Food Grain Availability Sagar Atre

2010 Apr - July 340-341 Plight of the ASHA in NRHM Dr Shyam Ashtekar

2010 Apr - July 340-341 Protest against EU-India FTA

2010 Apr - July 340-341 Adivasi Samrakshana Sangham & Plachimada Struggle Solidarity Committee

2010 Apr - July 340-341 Letter of Concerned Health Professionals for Biosafety in Food

2010 Apr - July 340-341 Introduction of Biotechnology Regulatory Authority of India Bill in the Coming Session - Serious Objections